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Natural Healing/ Empath information

Nicole's Gift


Nicole  recognized her gift at the young age of four. As she grew, so did her ability to feel what others feel. Physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.  She believes, studies and practices the Native American way. She has 20 years experience working with all walks of life.

As she developed her gifts she recognized that everything around us is made of energy. In that energy are atoms, which carry a history and a voice, which can then be translated into the spoken word. She can see those atoms, see and hear their history and be able to translate the information into words for you to understand so you can utilize the information to heal your life on whatever level you need. Be it physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual.

Nicole’s evaluation technique is a progressive and powerful modality that was developed to resolve addictions, related problems, and assists in relieving the physical conditions. Through the experience of helping thousands of clients, she has developed the expertise to completely and compassionately assist her clients in releasing the burden of addictions, pains, problems and related issues.

As a pioneer in the field of energy work and holistic medicine, Nicole specializes in resolving the pain that is linked to certain memories that are stored in the body. She has found that the physical body does not manifest physical illness or disease until something (“a trigger”) occurs on a mental or emotional level first. Once something emotional occurs it may take years for the physical body to be broken down. As a medical intuitive, Nicole can see which organs in the body are affected, feel the emotion that is involved in pain, illness or disease and aid her client in the process of identifying the memory that first triggered the ailment so the issue can be resolved.  There is no equipment used in her technique. There is no pain involved other than that which the client came with. 

The client comes with the clear intent to change their life. A knowing that they can not continue on the path which they have been living. This allows Nicole access to all the information that is stored in their bodies. (It is your way of giving Nicole permission to enter.)

Clients that have diagnosed and undiagnosed conditions that have not received satisfactory results through mainstream or alternative medicine and are unsure as to why they are not feeling well have consulted Nicole. Doctors that have searched for a malady but could not find any physical ailment have called for consultations. Veterinarians have utilized her services as well.

Nicole does not traditionally diagnose, the 'label' of a condition because it may not be relevant. She does not subscribe to any generic information or condition based on its label. She feels as though a client's information is as unique as their fingerprint. No two people are alike therefore no two physical ailments are alike or can be treated with the same “medicine”. The normal course of medicine may just mask the underlying problem (the physical ailment) but leave the root of the problem (emotional memory), which will then come back with a vengeance to be dealt with again at a later date.

The Empathic Response
What is an Empath?
In humans, empathy is a heightened form of feeling. It is one of the most ancient of the healing arts, but also one of the most difficult to control.
Within empathy, the body becomes a barometer for what is being experienced. Experiences register upon the body as if they are the individuals own. For example, most hypochondriacs have been empathic. The aches, pains, illnesses etc,... that they "know" they have, have been picked up physically from others they have been around. They do not really have the illnesses, but their own psychic sensitivity causes the illnesses to register upon their body as if truly their own.
You will become more sensitive to the environments in which you enter, more likely to be affected by them for good or bad. If you are in a party group, you may find yourself as the one with the lampshade on your head. If it is a depressed group- you may find yourself the most depressed or even suicidal. There will be a greater potential for taking on the temperature or energy of the environment in which you find yourself. Vigilance, control, and maintaining your own personal space will be important.
Empathic individuals need to pay attention to & honor what they feel. This is not always easy to do. We have not been trained to honor our intuitive aspects. Someone or something may appear to be o.k. but with the empathic individual it won't be until the actual touch occurs that a true assessment of the person or situation will crystallize.
If we do not honor what we feel, it will likely get us into trouble. Most of the time, the impressions we get, no matter how strange, will be correct.
Written by: Ted Andrews
Look for his books at your nearest bookstore.
Trusting those feelings is a part of accepting the true path that Great Spirit had designed for us.

Some do not understand what it means to be a shaman or to be empathic so Nicole has included information written by Ted Andrews a well known author whose books can be found on
What is Shamanism?
According to Ted Andrews; In ancient societies, shamans were the keepers of sacred knowledge of animals & nature and were linked to the rhythms and forces of nature.  They were held in high esteem and recognized as true shapeshifters who were able to walk the worlds.
Shamanism is an experiential growth process and involves becoming the master of your own initiation. In shamanism, the individual ultimately answers to no human or totem and is alone with the supernatural. He or she maintains a true sense of connectedness and belonging to all life, but the individual is able to visit the heavens and the underworld. The individual is able to learn from all life forms.
A person usually becomes a shaman by one of three methods:
-inheriting the profession
-by a special calling or
-by a personal quest.
The process of following that personal quest & unfolding the innate powers begins with 2 steps.
First: the overcoming of preconceived notions & limitations and is comparable to what Edgar Cayce taught " there is as much to unlearn as there is to learn". The most difficult part of this step is seeing through the illusions of our lives.
Becoming a shaman practitioner develops a strong sense of not truly belonging to reality. Many people spend their whole lives attempting to belong and most of the time it leads to disappointment. The animal-wise shaman must develop an individuality that is strong and by working through animals, we then can learn that we are able to be alone without being lonely.
Second: Building a bridge between our world - the more subtle realms of life. This involves unfolding our intuition, creativity, & creative imagination. Here, we learn to visit the heavens and the underworld by means of axis, which may be the image of climbing a tree, being carried or led by an animal, becoming a bird or other animal, following a cave through a labyrinth, or any number of other possible images. Ancient societies employed mythic imagination to facilitate this step.
In the world around us, there are myriads of wonders, but unfortunately we often get so wrapped up in our day to day life that we forget about them - or don't even recognize them. It is through the animal kingdom, through the multitude of wonders found in nature, that we can experience renewal. Every sojourn into nature offers an epiphany for the heart & soul.
Written by: Ted Andrews
Look for his books at your nearest bookstore