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Spirit Quest Products

Animal Totems
Learn what animal spirits guide and protect you.  Just send us the following information; Name, photo, address, and your payment, for:
$99.00 for one animal
$119.00 for two
$129.00 for three
or get your nine personal animals for only our special low price of  $350.00 + shipping/handling.
Nicole will send you an Animal Totem print of you surrounded by (1) or more; ( up to (9) nine) of your animal spirits. Email Nicole for scheduling & availability. -  
Full Animal Totem
Many animal spirits surround each of us... playing a role in who we are, what we become, guiding us on our path. Have Nicole paint an original, full animal totem portrait for you. Email Nicole for pricing on up to 9 (nine) animals with written description of your strengths and weaknesses. -
Affirmations & Art ---Coming Soon!
Keep Spirit Quest Affirmations close to your heart.
An accomplished artist, Nicole has personally crafted this book of her artwork, accompanied by inspirational Affirmations to guide you. It will guide and enourage you through the rough and happy times.
SpiritQuest Healing Recipes & Art-- Coming Soon!
Cook up a spirit-filled,healing meal or relax with a Native American drink. Nicole has assembled the best recipes for you in this first volume of her favorite SpiritQuest cookbook.  Along the way, enjoy some of Nicole's inspirational artwork. $24.95
Some of us are prone to cold & flu symptoms.....I have a product for you!
*ColdFlu Buster - 1 oz bottle ..........$10.50 shipping/handling inclu.  blast that cold away
To order a case you must call ahead and allow up to 4 weeks for delivery. 
How to Order- Click the Paypal link provided on this page and then select which item or items you wish to purchase. If you need assistance please email us at
Animal Totem artwork available upon request. Email Nicole for specifics and prices.
Spirit Quest Cookbook & Affirmations Books --- coming soon!  Email Nicole let her know you are interested in purchasing them!
Ready to place your order? Click the PayPal link below.


If you  have set up for a private session and you need
directions, please click the mapquest link below.

Spirit Quest * Kannapolis,NC *28083

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