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Spirit Central

Welcome Snow

           Spirit Central Inc.           
A Non-Profit Organization
501 (C)(3) organization information
The vision of Spirit Central is to operate a support organization offering programs to help families, educators and the community to protect, educate and enhance their most precious assets.
To provide information to the public that will help them gain peace, self worth, unwavering spiritual knowledge and stability.
To bring joy, passion and compassion back into the lives of the masses.
To help heal and provide support to Medical Professionals (including Veterinatians) so they may move forward in their efforts to heal others.
To network and aid Medical professionals (including veterinarians), in diagnosing and healing their patients, that are open to alternative forms of healing.
To provide support services to all levels of Military and Law Enforcement -- combating stress (work and family), physical, mental and emotional health issues, and spiritual guidance. 
To make available - quality, natural healing products that will help you heal.

***Our Purpose***

To heal, inspire, create, motivate, free, guide, support, collaborate and contribute.

Speakers Bureau

How can Spirit Central Facilitators help you?

PRIVATE,INDIVIDUAL: You meet with our facilitators one on one to learn what Spirit has in store for you.

SMALL GROUP: Facilitators meet with up to fifty co-workers or general audience members to offer advice that will help improve one's life and Spiritual Relationships.
Large Groups: Facilitators meet with co-workers and general audience members to offer guidance, support and advice to help improve and motivate one's life and spiritual relationships.

Our facilitators will then meet with key teams to understand their concerns and help them find direction.

All sessions are kept confidential unless directed otherwise

Spirit Central Inc. (Non Profit)
Nicole J. M. Henderson
Kannapolis, North Carolina 28083
704-791-7638 you may leave a message


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Rev. Nicole Myers Henderson

How Spirit Central Began