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How Spirit Central Began

Spirit Central began with a normal, New Jersey girl with a special "Gift".
Nicole began to sense things about others at a young age. She grew to understand and utilize her "Gift" to help others find their direction in life through her Spirit Quest sessions and her local Television show Spirit Quest TV.
Along this spiritual path, Nicole has met some incredible people with extraordinary gifts and wanted to create a space where people of like minds and special talents could work together to heal others.
Spirit Central was born out of this dream.

Nicole Henderson -- a woman with a special talent

Growing up in New Jersey, Nicole Myers Henderson saw and felt things that others could not. For example, she could walk into a room and feel the emotions of all the people there. As a child, she thought everyone else had this ability. But after finding a spiritual guide and mentor, Nicole and her family realized she had been given a rare Spiritual Gift. She began to appreciate her talent and use it to help others.
Nicole began her formal training as a (medicine woman), and Spiritual Life Counselor. Over the years, Great Spirit helped her identify her natural ability to understand what people feel. Discovering her own spiritual path, Nicole realized that she had been given the gift to share with others through her Spirit Quest sessions. Nicole has helped hundreds of people heal their lives and touch their souls.
Nicole's dream of being part of a community effort to heal others yielded the idea of Spirit Central. A place where all would be welcome. A place where everyone becomes a part of the whole. A place where the efforts are shared and no one person carries the load. A place where we are all equal.  A place where the life experience became a shared experience for everyone to learn from. A place where there is no judgement, no criticism and no conditions.  It just IS!
Nicole became an Ordained Spiritual Minister in 1991 under the Universal Brotherhood Movement.

She lives in Kannapolis with her husband, daughter and two dogs.

Spirit Central -- Heal your life and learn to walk in balance. 

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