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Spirit Central
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Begin your Journey

Spirit Central offers many ways to help you.

Private Sessions

Sit down with Nicole to learn where Spirit wants to lead you.
Ask questions about family, health, careers, relationships.
These can be conducted in person, on the phone, video conferencing or on-line
. House calls are available upon request.

Small Groups


Join us for a spiritual journey
that will help you focus, grow and heal together.
Share and learn from Nicole and from one another.


Corporate Workshops
Are you looking to get more out of your employees? Would you like to help them to be more efficient? Productive? Creative? Solve business problems with ease? Solve their personal home dilemas so they don't bring negative energy to work? Enjoy what they are doing?
Send up to Fifty (50) to focus, grow and bond.

Our Facilitators are available to speak to your club or organization.

Each talk is interactive,
uplifting and inspiring.
Topics can be custom-designed for your group.
*Tapping Your Intuition
*ExtraOrdinary Leadership
*ExtraOrdinary Living
*The Power of Prayer, Power of Positive Thinking & the Power of Touch
*ExtraOrdinary Living for Veterans
*Stop swimming against the current/ Create a new pathway to fulfilling your destiny
*Empty Your Closet of Old Ways & Heal Old Memories
*Free Yourself & Your loved ones.
*Psychometry Feel, Grow & Learn
*Bridging the Body and the Mind
* Mind over Matter

What others are saying about Spirit Central:
When I visited your home, you said that I was moving south and totally changing my life. I played it off as selling the house at Lake Norman and moving to Charlotte. However, I really knew at the time that my move you were seeing was way more south than that. So, the time has arrived. I wanted you to know that you were right (again).
My husband and I left our jobs, we close on the sale of our house in Charlotte next week and we are moving to our boat. Currently, she is docked in Charleston, however we will be heading much more south in November. We plan to cruise to warm weather for an indefinite amount of time. Everything is sold... the house, the furnishings, the cars, the professional wardrobes, everything. That part has been the real task!
I will never forget you and your tenacious energy for living. My life was blessed for knowing you. All my best to you.

Spirit Central Inc (Non profit) * Kannapolis, NC * US * 28083