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Spirit Quest Speaker's Bureau

Nicole Henderson can bring the Spirit Quest message to your next meeting. Invite her to talk about one of the topics below.
call:  980-521-0118 Amelia Townsend for more information

Tapping Your Intuition

When you have a "gut feeling" about something, Nicole says you should learn to trust it. In her talk, you'll learn how to pay attention and benefit from your intuition.

 Animal Totem Awareness:  

Our Native American ancestors believe that we have animals that sit in counsel over our lives that represent our strengths and weaknesses. Knowing what animals represent your strengths and weaknesses will help you to walk in balance in your life, whether it is for business or your personal life.

Body Scanning

 Nicole Henderson has the ability to feel what is going on inside of you -. Mentally, emotionally, and physically. She believes that there are no cures, there are only preventatives. This talk will help you to get more in tune with your body and your spirit.     
The Open Door:

Would you like to reconnect with someone who has passed on? Nicole will try help you connect with your loved ones.

 Energy Awareness/ What are you made of?

Creative visualization and guided imagery meditations.Find out what you are capable of as an Energy being and much, much more.

Make Your Next Meeting Something to Remember!
Call 980-521-0118 to Bring Nicole's
Healing Message to Your Group!

Healing Affirmations