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Healing Affirmations

Healing your spirit with positive affirmations.

* Special message to get you started on the road to good health......
If your mind can imagine it..... you can create it in your life! So - - always think positive thoughts. Do not let the negative drag you down. If you have a negative, hurtful thought.... change it to something good and make it upbeat and happy.

Spiral, Horizontal Line Spinning

Nicole's book of daily affirmations coming soon!



"I am proud"
"I am strong"
"I am deserving"
"I can"

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Do you feel as if something is bothering you but don't know what it is? 
Some people are sponges. We tend to pick up on things that other people are feeling and can not determine if it is "Our Stuff" or someone elses' that we are carrying around.  So, you need to send the energy back to where it came from.
Try this affirmation. It has worked for many people; me included.
Repeat to yourself throughout the day...."Great Spirit, I ask that you help me to send any and all negativity back to its' sources and reveal any and all deception."
If you do not want to know who it is that is feeling poorly or you don't want to know what's going on... DON'T ASK for the deception to be revealed.
This method is designed to help you keep your energy clear and positive. It does not hurt the person that sent it out in the first place. It merely keeps you clear and balanced.

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